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• Stainless Steel
KITZ SUS Ball Valve 600UTKM Thread
KITZ SUS Ball Valve 800UTKM Thread
1-PC SUS316 Ball Valve Thread
2-PC SUS316 Ball Valve Thread
3-PC SUS316 Ball Valve Thread
3-Way SUS316 Ball Valve Thread
3-PC SUS316 Ball Valve Top-Mount Thraed
SUS316 Spring Check Valve Thread
SUS316 Gate Valve Thraed
SUS316 Globe Valve Thread
SUS316 Swing Check Valve Thread
SUS316 Y-Strainer Thread
2-PC SUS Ball Valve (F/E 10K,150P)
SUS Wafer Check Valve Flange end
SUS Butterfly Valve Flange end
SUS Foot Valve (F/E 10K,150P,PN10,PN16)
SUS Gate Valve (F/E 1K,150P,PN10,PN16)
SUS Globe Valve (F/E 10K,150P,PN10,PN16)
• Bress & Bonze
Brass Ball Valve FIG.T 400P Thread
Brass Ball Valve FIG.TK 600P Thread
Brass Gate Valve FIG.FH Thread
Brass Globe Valve FIG.A Thread
Brass Y-Strainer FIG.Y Thread
Brass Spring Check Valve Thread
Brass Foot Valve Thread
• Cast Iron Valve
2-PC Cast iron Ball Valve (F/E 10K,150P)
Cast iron Gate Valve (F/E 10K,150P,PN10,PN16)
Cast iron Globe Valve (F/E 1K,150P,PN10,PN16)
Cast iron Swing Check Valve (10K,150P)
Cast iron wafer check Valve
Cast iron Butterfly Valve
• PVC / UPVC Valve
UPVC Ture Union Ball Valve (Socket/EPDM)
UPVC Foot Valve (Socket/EPDM)
UPVC Ball Check Valve (Socket/EPDM)
UPVC Butterfly Valve (Lever/Gear)
UPVC Butterfly Valve (Lever/Gear)
PVC Ball Valve
Electic Actuator With Valve
Pneumatic Actuator With Valve
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